DopaTrax - Premium Mucuna Pruriens Supplement by VitaMonk - Mood Enhancer

PROMOTE HEALTHY DOPAMINE LEVELS - VitaMonk's DopaTraxTM contains all-natural Mucuna Pruriens Extract which has been shown to have positive effects on natural levels of dopamine. The active ingredient in mucuna is levopoda, or L-Dopa, which is the immediate precursor to dopamine. DopaTraxTM is standardized for 15% L-Dopa, which is a more bioactive form of l Dopa than that isolated L-Dopa.
NATURALLY BOOST MOOD AND ENERGY - In addition to supporting healthy levels of dopamine, Mucuna Pruriens has also been shown to support normalized levels of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Many who supplement their diets with mucuna report increased subjective well-being.
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH - Mucuna pruriens has long been touted as a natural aphrodisiac and fertility aid. Studies have shown that mucuna use is associated with healthy testosterone and prolactin levels, as well as effects on sperm quality and seminal motility in some men.
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DopaTraxTM by VitaMonk is made of 750 mg of mucuna pruriens extract, standardized to 15% L-Dopa, the predecessor to dopamine. L-Dopa is actually better absorbed by the central nervous system than dopamine itself. Mucuna pruriens is a bean native to Africa and Asia. It has long been used in the Ayurvedic and Unani medicine, as well as a libido booster, testosterone booster, and coffee substitute. PROMOTE HEALTHY BRAIN AND HORMONE LEVELS: L-Dopa, the active ingredient in VitaMonk's DopaTraxTM, has been shown to promote normal levels of dopamine, other catecholamines like epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and cortisol, which regulates stress levels. These neurotransmitters help control mood and energy, as well as metabolism, posture and motor function. Thus, mucuna is considered to be a nootropic which effects brain health. SUPPORT HEALTHY REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: Mucuna has traditionally been used as a natural libido enhancer and aphrodisiac. It has been shown to support normal levels of testosterone, healthy sperm and seminal motility in men who. VitaMonk's DopaTraxTM may jumpstart your desire and help you get in the mood!
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Additional Info
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