The KICK | All Natural Pre-workout Powder, Great Tasting (Lemon-Lime)

THE FIRST "COMPLETE" SPORTS & PRE-WORKOUT - The Kick pre-workout delivers fast, explosive training results for a more powerful body, including energy, stamina, and Nitric Oxide levels. It contains proven muscle building L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, Creatine Monohydrate and Whey Protein Isolate so your muscles are constantly being fed the nutrients they need to perform at their highest level.
ZERO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, FLAVOR OR SWEETENERS - Unlike other "Big Box" supplement companies; we wanted to make sure our supplement was free of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. We use stevia, a natural sweetener with many benefits relating to insulin. Not only does The Kick mix well but it tastes amazing! No chalky taste like other pre-workout drinks.
100% INGREDIENT TRANSPARENCY - NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS - We have nothing to hide. The Kick offers 100% label and formula transparency with ZERO colored dyes, unnecessary fillers or harmful additives. The Kick is designed for serious athletes who want to improve their physical performance with an extremely effective formula that delivers incredible results. All of the ingredients are backed by science and dosed in line with the research.
CLEAN ENERGY KICK & LASER SHARP FOCUS - The Kick delivers the right amount of caffeine per serving to power those intense sports activities or work outs, but not so much that you will fry your adrenals. The Kick not only provides you with performance enhancing benefits, but because all the ingredients are natural derivatives and it contains no sugar, you don't get that "Come Down" or "Crash" like most pre-work out drinks. This feature is one that we're most proud of.
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ABOUT THE KICK: In order to have an effective work out you need the energy to keep you going hard and the mental clarity to focus on the task at hand. You also need the muscular endurance to physically do what you need to do without hitting the wall. Essentially, you need to create an optimal environment so you can get the absolute most out of your sport or work outs. The Kick was designed to provide you with the nutrients your body needs to have the best work outs ever. If your body isn't properly fed the nutrients it needs to perform, it won't perform to its potential. If you are ready to experience the most complete pre-workout supplement then prepare yourself for The Kick! It is one of the few supplements out there that has the ability to live up to its promises of making you stronger, improving endurance, and giving you that extra boost of energy! ALL NATURAL PRE-WORK OUT FOR MEN AND WOMAN WITHOUT THE CRAP: The Kick was made with natural ingredients so that you get the clean energy rush without the crash, burnout or jitters.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Shelf Number CA6
UPC 728838991566
Brand The Kick
Package Quantity 240 g / 8.5 oz
Expiration Date 01/2019
Color Woman's
Size small
EAN 0728838991566
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